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Auto box - Won't start off in Drive


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Ouch ... but what about ... further down the page:

I have a 4sp ZF, when I select "D" the vehicle won't move, when I select "1" the vehicle moves off. I can then select "D" and continue to drive normally. If I stop I have to start in first again. Why?

A sprag clutch has "inverted" and will need replacing. No further damage will occur if you continue to drive but you will need to select "1" every time to start moving. A rebuild is required to correct this.

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You could ignore it but I would expect more issue to manifest in time. There are too many RRC's out there to risk your hard earned on one with a duff box unless you get the price of a new box knocked off (i.e. the bloke pays you to take the truck away!!)

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Ditto, if something is already broken, the wear in the rest of the box is likely to be in a similar state, just a matter of time until something else breaks.

Cheers guys. Will leave that one well alone then although the kit it came with made the price (500) a wee bit tempting ...

Looking at another one this weekend but its on a 4 inch lift and I've seen a couple of posts here that indicate that that is likely to be problematic too ...

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