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Td5 difficult to start

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i used to be able to fire up my Td5 so easily with a single turn of the key. (of cos, after the MIL and glow plug lights are out).

However, a few days back, it seems like is getting harder to turn over. I've got a new optima yellow top and 13.98v on the alternator. Yes, 14.1 is ideal.

So when i crank in the morning, i simply allow it to turn over for about 2 seconds, and tap the gas and it fires up. strange when i've been simply turning the key only for more than 5yrs.

What could be wrong?


Fuel Pump?

i've just had the entire cooling system 'rebuild' for over 330 pounds!! i'm sure i got ripped off.

This is a 02 Td5 that has covered almost 150k km.

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seems like it needs to crank for a longer time, but when i pump the gas it will fire up. the temperature here is constant from abt 26 deg c to about 33. so it aint frozen.

initially thought it was a weak battery or a drain on the circuit, so i disconnect the battery everytime i parked it over night. measuring the past 2 morning it's 12.68v. so i don't think it's the battery or alternator.

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OK so it cranks for longer, I asked because I had a similar problem with mine recently, to be honest though, it wasn't a sudden change but it was gradually taking longer to start and running a bit lumpy.

Mine turned out to be a problem with two of the injectors, it showed on the "power balance" graph on a Nanocom fuelling readout.

Might be worth getting some diagnostics done on yours?

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