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Steering Wheel Bosses

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I'm looking to buy a momo steering wheel off e-bay.

Having looked around and seen a few photo's on other threads I've noticed the momo boss seems to make the steering wheel closer to you. Is there any other makes of bosses that are less obtrusive? I've seen that QT Services have some but im not sure how these compare to momo's own.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Ta, Matt.

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Many years ago I used to sell momo and Nardi steering wheels.

The hub or boss comes in two distinct styles, one is solid and the other collapsible (this type has rubber bellows/boot around it).

They were designed as fasr as possible to keep the steering wheel rim in a similar position to the original (obviousley diameter dependant), but it is possible that the rim may actually get closer to the driving position.

I have has a QT one fitted for years and found it to be fine with a smaller diameter wheel.

I have thought that I might look to see if there is a collapsible version [bub/boss] available and a padded centre wheel, as the prospect of it coming into my face in a shunt is not one I relish..

That being said QT boss and their own rubber rimmed wheel is a great fit and easy to clean, it is also a decent size to grip the rim (helps when you have gorilla hands).

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