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I am looking at replacing my suspension and wondered what peoples thoughts are on a 2" lift using Old Man Emu springs and dampers, fitted to a range rover classic.

Is there a better option

Any comments appreciated

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What do you want to do with it?

OME is good for every day stuff and off road but is expensive

Pro-Comp is excellent off road but not too good for towing/Weight carrying but is cheaper than OME

TJM is superb for off road and loads and cheaper than OME and probably the longest lasting spring for non sag

Dobinsons HD is very good for loads but a bit stiff for off road and is cheaper than OME

4x4Australia is good off road and reasonable for load/towing

Scorpion is not a subject I should mention at the moment

Eibach is superb and reasonably priced

Britpart progressives are very good all round but start to sag after a year or so of abuse

Blue are a good make

Iron Man are ok

Trailmaster are ok

I can give you a number for purpose made springs from here in the UK

The list is endless

As for shocks - if you want to match spring lengths and not disconnect than use the same manufacturer as your springs but if you want a bit of disconection then Pro-Comp ES9000 are the best value for money shock on the market. If you have limitless money then go Fox 3"remote reservoir with air assistance and double bypass

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Famous Four springs get my vote after trying a few others, they are good on road, last and still offroad nicely.

Have only used standard ride but they do +2" as well.

Top class picture there Niall.

Not wishing to hijack - but is there a manufacturer who makes softer springs with no lift? (otherwise it won't fit in the garage)

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David - mt td is running Bearmach rear springs, been on there for the last 2 years and no probs to date (its used mainly for towing) they havent started to sag anyway.

Suspension is hoarses for courses and depends entirely on what you want to use the vehicle for. i use the bearmach on the rear of the td5 as its used mainly for towing and they were a good price, OEM would have been the other option although i wanted something a little more HD hence the Bearmach.

For articulation and off roading i run procomp springs and shocks, +2" alround on the springs with +15% stiffness front and +20% stiffness on the rear. complete with 9000+2" shocks alround, no probs to date, although as David says it prob wont stand upto heavy loads, but then i dont use it for that:

Articulation is good as well:



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The standard Range Rover is one hell of a bit of kit ain't it!

why the hell uprate it.

Will :)

Good point. A standard RR will out articulate a 90 (as will a 110). Mind you when you tweak a RR a bit it gets quite fun! :lol:

Even with tired Britpart progressives and well worn ES9000's my old bus can score into the medium to high 700's on an RTI ramp. In the last 40K she has seen a massive amount of off road miles and rarely let me down on the twisty bits

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