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Hello men's !

I've a question : on my 90 TD 1989, I've got a little problem. I buy cristal light to paddock, and when i put the glass, i've got a little movement of this in the support. Is anyone got this problem with this cristal light and how can i resolve it ?

Thank you very much for your answers.

I had a bit of wobble/play when I put some crystals in my ex mod 110, I got round it by (don't laugh) some silicone/pvc squashy cable from an old computer mouse lead as a gasket around the back edge of each bowl. Been perfect for 5000 miles.

P.S the Wipac ones were the only ones I could find at the time were e marked.


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Hi, my crystal lenses have metal covers inside lenses that shield the bulb, do i need these, as bulbs have a black coating on the ends, and the light are still rubbish, any ideas

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The metal blind and the black end of the bulb do effectively the same job, neither should affect the performance of your headlamps. Much more likely is that age and or dirt have compromised the quality of the reflectors. The simplest solution is replacement, if the budget is tight you might try to clean and polish the existing ones but working through the bulb aperture is fiddly and often you quickly discover that the coating is past it's prime. Welcome to the forum btw.

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