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2yr Old Td5 Or Stick To 1989 2.5td?


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My local stealer has a white 2003 TD5 110 SW with vinyl seats, basic radio cassette, 60 000 miles which has spent all its working life pulling cars up and down the motorway. They want £16555 for it and will offer me a £3000 trade in. It has a dented wing they'll sort and a broken rear washer, full dealer service history etc etc.

I'm not keen on the colour, the basic seating and the lack of toys - I am keen on its youth, TD5 engine and 1 yr warranty.

My 1989 2.5TD CSW came off eBay for £3500, I spent £800 adding new seats and very heavy moulded mats. It has a hugh Bearmach roof rack and ladder, A bar and spots and four other lights on the roof rack, Kenlowe fan, 12 months tax and 11 months MOT.

Am I mad for even thinking of a newish TD5? Do the numbers make sense? (I know I'm an accountant, but I know when I know the price of everything and the value of nowt!). Help!

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I'd consider putting a new engine [+boxes] in your own, a few hours' work although it basically is one more improvement on a motor that is already tending to how you want it. At most you'll need chassis repairs to it, the body "should" be good for several more years from what I understand.

Unless, that is, the need is irresistible :)

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Seems expensive to me given mileage and others available.

Have a look on LR Used Website, Hunters have one similar age but with just 19,117 miles

Hunters (Guildford) Defender 110 2.5 Td5 5 dr - Man 5 Dr Caledonian Blue Oct 03 (53) 19,117 £16,990

Your local dealer can source this car for you. Tell them you'd rather buy this one and then see what price they do on their white one for you. I bet you could get another 1000 off with this tactic.



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