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Ford parts supplier - on Line ?

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Ford UK

I spent an "Enjoyable knuckle scrapping morning" at me local scrappies.

VR sensor on a mondeo....

Yes sorry I forgot my triple jointed 3/8 U/J extension, with extenable rubber flexible ratchet and trained spiders and mice to get it all in there an actually move the ******* F Torx screw .... :angry: at all

As such I thought

"I'll nip home, pop one line, and find a ford parts site (Ford version of craddocks) etc

and see how much a new one is,

can't go on e-bay as that ******* Jon W bid on the exact itemette I woz watching ! :o

(To to fair he didn't know - but if he had .........? :huh:) :P

But look like I have (PC Mumpty at times) .........I can't find a internet site to show :

A Part number for a 2000 Mondeo Zetec engine around N reg VR Sensor

B nOW GOT THE HUMP :lol: ......................



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Try Burton Power if it's engine or performance related, very helpful on the phone when I was trying to find bits for a Ford power kit car.

I have an interest in this and up to now not found an online supplier that has catalogues with part numbers.

Either Ford dealer to get info. part; apparently they are not that £££, or Burton power. Also local motorfactors - e.g. Allparts have books with parts but I'm not sure how much beyond the generic consumable parts (e.g. brake pads/track rod ends) they do.

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