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HD springs question.

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Guest diesel_jim

110 HD fronts are the same as 90 HD fronts.

for 110 HD, use NRC9448, blue & red(RH) and NRC9449, yellow & white (LH) which are the same as 90 standard rear (and 130 fronts)

90 HD rears are NRC9462 (and also RKB101230), yellow & red (RH) and NRC9463 (and also RKB101240), yellow & white (LH)

For HD front 90 springs, LR reccomend (well, they used to) to use standard 90 rears NRC9448 (RH) and NRC9449 (LH)

on my 110 SW when i had my 8274 and nudgebar up front, i used 90 HD rears on the front (for no reason apart from i had the springs kicking around) and they gave a nice 2~3" lift, but the back was just standard height HD and it looked strange with the front end upwards, so if you decide to fit 90 HD rears to the front of your 110, you'll need longer rears or spacers or really HD aftermarket springs.


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