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chop saw ?


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I am looking to buy a chop saw. I would love one of the metal bladed types but they are a lot of cash (quite though)

What does everyone think of the cabide disc types (similar to cuting discs on angle grinder)

I have seen them on ebay for £40 ?

Has anyone got one and how do they rate it ?

I know they are a little bit noisier but I will only use it about twice a week for a couple of hours each time.

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Budget not really an issue as its for work. I would rather buy good than cheap. I have a Makita 9" grinder and am very happy with it. I have a trade supplier for blades so will check he can get 12/14" ones.

Thanks for the replies chaps ! :)

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ferm are sold by screwfix, i think they offer a 3 year warranty... which when our 9" angle grinder died after 2 years hard labour they replaced, with a newer model without even batting an eyelid.... so worth considering ferm just for the warranty.......

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Your cuts will always be square

dont bet on i :( even with the gauges set on 0 (best use a set sq if very important ) put to much pressure on the disc and they flex and cut at an angle , but like some one said the discs dont last long m take 10mm off them and you luckey

i got the makita one in work grand for general cutting and mitering , espessially if welding can hide some mis cut bits

but we hired the metal blade jobby to cut 4" stainless box up to make a frame up cuts much cleaner quieter

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