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Snorkel advice, ex-tec?


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I am trying to find or have made twin snorkels to fit into both outer side vents on the wings of my Defender.

I love the size and look of he Ex-tec ones, but they say it wont fit with my roll cage (like the 50th Aniv ones)

Anyone know who makes them for this co?

Anyone know who could make me ones just like it to fit? They are 80mm

I dont need tops nor uderhood tubing.

I asked Ex-tec to make them and theyve ignored me.

Heres a link and pics are under shop then Defender, then Erhöhte Luftansaugung


I am running an LS1 Chevy V8 and need all the air I can!

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A piece of 1.5mm sheet alloy cut and drilled for the wing fitting, a length of alloy tubing bent or cur to profile, welded up by an alloy welder, sorted guv'nor!

If you get a plate made to match the wing inlet, then a proficient alloy welder and a tube bending peep experienced with big-bore alloy should have the job jobbed

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Well, Im in the USA and know no one near me remotely proficient at makng them.

As to the drive train, LS1 chevy (396hp/428tq), 4L80e (4speed auto built to handle 900hp by Monster Motorsports), Lt230 (built by Ashcroft w/ 1:1 high range), Lt230 to 4L8e adaptor (by Marks4x4 in australia), Ashcrofts new underdrive, soon to have Portal Tek axles once the gearing is sorted for highway use, 37x12.5 SSR's.

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