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help it's going scrappy if not


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hi i have disco 3.9 efi v8 on a 96 plate but i had the keys nicked a while ago and its just sat on the dive collecting dirt since, but am now getting stick off the ex wife to get it moved i cant realy aford to pay for new chiped key. ive manage to by pass the fule pump and starter part of the immobliser but ive no power to the engine, has any1 any idea how i can bypass the immobliser all togeather or were on the ecu to make live ? somone must have transplaned one of these engines in to somthing an wired the engine direct.

its an auto with the green alarm box it dunt have a spider box its got cylinder with a transponder fob but this is in same place as the spider box and a landy part too?????

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There was a lash-up of an immobiliser kit supplied by LR at one stage as a superceded number if you ordered a replacement spider unit - sounds like that - I only ever saw one and it was a bloody awful thing.

Check out the definitive alarm spider post in the Tech Archive and buy yourself one of the bypass plugs for a fiver this will link the correct wires together and give power to everything that needs it.

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