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sticker residue[sp]


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i think its been asked before but i cant spot it.............

but ive removed about 30 stickers offthe disco and i now need what to use to get the sticky stuff off the paint work?


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I always use methylated spirits for anything like this, either cleaning paintwork before sticker application or getting the gunge off afterwards. A brand new Stanley knife blade is good, you can buy little scraper things that fit one of these blades in and hold it at the right angle. I've just finished "stickering" a double decker Routemaster bus at work :)

I find one of the little hand-held plant sprayers of the sort you can buy from a garden centre is ideal for applying the meths.

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Go to a builders merchant and get Evo stick Glue remover.

Jewsons I get mine from

its not cheap at about £7 for 200ml but it will get any sticker glue off paint work.

it evaporates very quick so don't leave the lid off too long or you will run out very quick.

Don't get it on any Vinyl as it leave white marks/cloudy stain which will not come off.


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Use the glue remover in a very open area or you will get high as a kite followed by the worst headache known to man.

I have found it far quicker and more effective than petrol on glue.

it is meant for floor glues which are evil glues.

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In a similar vein - I have taken a couple of the rubbing strips off the Rangie and will need to re-apply them.

Anyone got any good products that will stick them back on as firmly as they were originally? :unsure:



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I couldn't get it of with plaster remover, nail varnish remover, acetone, etc in the end I used auto glym tar remover. Took a while but once off I cut it back with something called G3 I think it was called.

Looks cool without the late 80's fashion stripes down the side!


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