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Fuel in remote areas - affect engine choice?


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If I'm looking for engines for my project, what is the max compression ratio I can run to ensure it'll run fine no matter where I am on the globe?

I guess in Africa and such I might have to run with lower octane fuel (whatever I can get my mits on)? Any ideas?

Ta, Al.

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Land Rover believed that it was 7:1 on the 2.25. You can probably be safe with 8:1 on a basic pushrod, two valve type V8 and a few bottles of additive for safety. Depends where you're going in Africa. Most of the reasonably well traveled North Africa routes will have oky fuel quality it's well off the beaten track in sub-saharan Africa, i.e. the hinterland of Niger for example, that you may find fuel quite questionnable. I believe this is another point in favour of diesel...

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Hmmm. Balls.

Can I run it on 75% additive and have a 15:1 compression ratio? :D

It's gonna suck if I have to change my engine choice just because of the odd African trip...

Seriously though - is using an additive gonna help much, or is it pretty negligible?


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