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A good engineering firm in the Kilmarnock area...?


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Mainly aimed at Niall and Greg, but anyone can chip in. . .

Basically , got any recommendations on a decent engineering firm that would be able to press apart my P38's front hub and bearings and not charge a rip-roaring fortune?

From the reading i've done, pressing the thing apart is a 20t pressure and heat it up afffair . . . something i dont think many of the local garages would be too keen on ( i'll be asking though )



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Carrick Engineering in Prestwick 5 mins from the airport, Stuart Orr, ask Stephen for the details of phone number & where.

Carrick are good.

Or you could always try Martin ... a bit more of a trek but I just found out he has access to a 50 ton press :D ... that should do it!

Plus I am always down that way at the outlaws so I can always Pony Express it for you. (Ditto for Carrick Engineering - 2 mins from my office)


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