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Mini Non Winch Challenge


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A strange one by title i know, just had a phone call from Hedley who no longer has internet access so as ked me to post some details.

Its a NON Winch challenge event run by his RTV club. (the likes of which was advertised on here not so long ago - Pugwash/Turbocharger/Bish went along as did I)

The event is deisgned for non winch equipped vehicles (those with winches have them 'tied up' to use his words i think you just agree not to use it) and its aimed to try and get those with Std vehicles to come along and give things a go. its unlike an RTV as you do the bits you want to do, like a normal winch challenge and can determine the route to the punch yourself, take the time you want etc. Emphasis is on driver ability rather than shear agression and winching.

Asabove is £20 a vehicle, co drivers for spotting/guidance recommended, its in a woods somewhere around Crowcombe area and designed for std vehicles.

I am certainly going to go along as its close and only £20, assuming i dont bend the vehicle at the CSW this Sun!

If your interested drop me a PM, (Hedley wont get his) and i will pass on his contact details as required for grid etc of start,

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Might make it for a few hours first thing, another horsey think to do late am/all pm !! :(

Bu&&er! :angry:

I'll be at Sodbury all day on the 1st, and I don't think the brownie points will stretch to having another day out in a field full of Land Rovers.... :(


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it will be signposted from the A358 taunton to minehead road, turn left 400m past the Triscombe Quarry staggered cross roads approx 6 miles from the corss keys ESSO.

follow road SW, over the railway line (bridge) 90 deg right turn, then 100m turn left and start heading up long hill, its on the woods on the RHS opposite a road turning on the Left.

at Crowcombe Heathfield Woods

ST 135 345

Its in the woods on the LHS side of the road

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good to see some of you guys there redben, Tim, Steve and Recca. hope the damage to Recca's wagon wasn't too severe by the end of the day!!!

Tim many thanks for the parts collected from Dan, and entry form.

Steve/Recca - did you win the std class then?

Redben - you are more than welcome to pop along ont he 6th. you may find it easier without slicks and a slightly bigger winch would prob be needed if you wanted to compete.

Hedley cheers for the invite, see what you can do site wise could you please.

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