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Help Required - Thinking of making my own gaskets - need info

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I need a few Exhaust gaskets for the 90 V8 - the ones that go between the Exhaust Manifold and the Head exit ports :(

Now the problem, being the Eales is massively ported and has the exhaust Dakar Manifolds matching the gaskets in between

are not only a tad special but MUCH MUCH Bigger than anything off the shelf, TVR stuff included. I could buy a set from, JED

but was thinking it would be handy to make my own, a simple bit of tooling and hey ho, but - where on earth

can you get that exhaust gasket greasey cardboardy aspestosey (although its not I know :) ) type Exhaust gasket paper from ?

If I remember is quite thick - about 2mm ish and grey greasey feel to it ?

Any thoughts as to where from ?


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Nige, there is (was) a company on the medway city estate in Kent, that manufactures gasket papers of all sortd of sizes. I have no idea of their name I am afraid, but they were quite happy for me to go and nab some (fairly sizeable) offcuts. i am sure the would supply direct.

I'll see if i can find the name out for you...

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