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hyd clutch


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my clutch pedal is staying down when pressed right down, i can get gears if i dont press all the way, what is the procedure? can the seals be serviced or is it a new master and slave? any pitfalls doing the job to watch out for? 2000 on a W L series diesel

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If it's the same as the K-series the hydro system is one sealed unit, master, slave, tube, reservoir. From memory it's not too expensive but I could be wrong.

That may not be your problem though - the release is done by the rod through the side of the bellhousing which can seize up (mine did, and melted the release bearing) so that could be worth a squirt of WD40 and a few pumps of the pedal before you start changing things.

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yes, i sorted mine out with a new hydraulic system, the master cylinder, pipework and slave cylinder come as one unit.

A tip the man in the shop gave me was, do not remove the plastic clip on the end of the slave pushrod as the first clutch operation will snap it off

if you break the legs the pushrod could pop out

And one off me ,note exactly the route of the pipe otherwise you end up taking it on and off several times to get it right [ask me how i know]

Just checked in my Haynes book of lies and the system is the same on K and l series at least to 03 reg.

hardest part was popping the master cylinder knuckle lying upside down in the footwell, then you turn the master cyl 45degrees and pull it out of the bulkhead, slave has got a "C" clip holding it in the bracket, pop it off with a screwdriver, half an hours work with a tea break

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