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so what happened in the end?


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I may have missed or not been paying attention but there were three threads recently to which I am curious how they ended.

1. moglite? - flashing warning lamps. Was this ever resolved and how?

2. someone was asking recommendations for an estate car, what was purchased in the end?

3. someone manage to snap a spark plug flush in a v8 head. How was this fixed?

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1. moglite? - flashing warning lamps. Was this ever resolved and how?

Good point 02

There were various suggestions, including offers to build custom circuits etc (very generous)

However, none of the solutions were simple and robust enough to survive within a vehicle such as MogLite.

Having a circuit fail and loosing the warning light, not an acceptable solution.

I've got big warning lights now.

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Interresting post. I think the estate car search is ongoing and the replacment sparkplug was degenerating into a replacement engine (as things do with Landies). Be good to get an update though.

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Both of those were Ben Jordan - Ben?

Hi, Just found this searching for my first thread about the spark plug. Not been on here much lately far to busy at work.

The decision for the estate car is still going on. Volvo T5/V70R, MG ZT-T, Omega V6? Or keep the Rangie ditch and the LPG. But there is no rush at the mo. as i still have the Wolf and only covered about ten private miles last week.

With a long weekend off today i have gone outside and started to strip the engine to get the head off, what a job :o

Anyway im going to put some photos up of the stripped engine to see what the opinions are on the condition of it. Can anybody point me towards the thread?

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