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northern and clubman challenge 25th 26th july


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I will be there, not sure on the co driver as yet. We may come on the saturday to do some testing on the car a s a single entry if poss as we dont have a team mate. Then enter the sunday comp, is that possible??

Sure we can work something out might even be able to find you a team mate if you want one

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Thinking about it, it would give us an advantage to do some testing on site on saturday then do the punches on sunday. Basically, we want to get the car tuned and tested on the saturday so could possibly do that without doing punches.

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{quote name='noggy' post='416435' date='Jul 21 2009, 05:39 PM']Im coming to watch on sunday :) only a little way from my house!

EDIT: can someone tell me where it actually is.....

top of the hill out side chesterfield heading towards stoney middleton and turn left it's about 1000 yards down the road you can't miss it

holymooreside site

Here may be a small site but it has a big punch especially with all this rain we've been having

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ahh its exactly where i thought it was..... i just didnt think that was extreme enough!

It#s going to be a hard one. Just think how many parts of the site you can't normally go and you'll be going there lol

Post code is S42 7 either syda lane claypit lane or top lane will get you there on a Shat nav

best access is from A619 at the summit is the cross roads take top lane south (left from chesterfield or right from buxton) carry on for roughly half a mile site is on the right


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HI Guys Just to confirm the event is most defiantly happening, those of you who have sent Eric forms assuming they have landed with him he will have sent you and email. Please make sure you have prepared your vehicle and yourself etc for plenty of water :o A map link has been added to the event websites www.northernchallenge.co.uk www.clubmanchallenge.co.uk click on events and then click on map next to Holymoorside Please approach the site from the A619 and at Wadshelf Cross Roads take the road to your left coming from Chesterfield Sign posted Loads Head and Eastmoor yellow BADLRC Arrows will direct you to the site from the A619 cross Roads, if coming from Chesterfield you pass the Highway Man pub on your left pull into their car park and go back the other way you have missed the tuning. please do not approach the site through Holymoorside village as the roads are narrow and there are lots of parked cars etc.

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Should I say how deep is the water, costs a fortune in alternators, starters, oil changes and fluid changes etc, trust me no matter how much you proof after a few hours it gets in and does its damage to air seals, alty seals and bearings etc, ARB seals when it gets in the diff.

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