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Well, my pal, with many years of dealership experience, now works for himself as a mobile fault finder/diagnostics geezer. He did have the Autoenginuity kit, but now uses the Launch 431.

I didn't ask why he swapped, but I guess he had his reasons, I quiz him next time I see him and find out why for ya.

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Wise man he say:

AutoEnginuity in it's standard form is little more than a code reader. But with all the additional modules/expansions you can get results near to dealer level.

He had a Launch for quite some time, as it was good for all the German stuff, and nearly all the Asian stuff. But it's major flaw was that it wasn't very good with the French stuff!

So when the AutoEnginuity came along, the agents were advertising it (the full package) could do everything the Launch could do PLUS the French stuff. He was sold, he bought one. First job he used it on was with a CANBUS problem on a Citroen C5, and it worked a treat where the Launch was left redundant.

But as time went on it became apparent that although the AE had German and Asian coverage, it was limited in it's function range compared to the Launch, the Launch was much more versatile.

So not very long ago, Launch err.... launched an updated version, specifically to address the problem with the French (cars). Now the current Launch can do everything it always could, which is more than the AU can, PLUS it's now as good as the AE if not better on the French stuff.

So in a nutshell: early Launch very good all-rounder but not good on French cars

AutoEnginuity average all-rounder but better on French than early Launch

latest Launch very good all-rounder and equals AE on French stuff.

He recommends the (latest) Launch.

As for getting it cheap, both setups are a mix of hardware and software, so even if you got a pirated copy of the software, I doubt it'd work without the proper hardware to run it on. And if you bought the hardware, you'd get the software anyway.

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Is there anysort of generic system which can use any given hardware. I have a peak systems PCAN USB interface which works great with the JAG/LR hardware i deal with at work, but the software we have is very specific to individual pieces of car, ie i can't use the software to read engine fault codes.

Looking at the website it looks like the Launch X431 is pretty much buried in hardware, and not generic.

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As far as I'm aware, you won't get a generic all in one.

Launch, Sykes Picavant and the SunTech/SnapOn are all hardware based.

Decrypting the software is not impossible, but it still needs the hardware chips to work.

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