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Fuel in Africa


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Howdy all - anyone know the typically available petrol in North and North-West Africa - Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Algeria etc etc?

I need the available octane ratings to fingure out max compression ratio! :blink:

I swear no-one else has this problem! :rolleyes:

Cheers, Al.

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Most recent numbers i have are from 2004/2005. Probably be a a greater availability of unleaded grades now. what vehicle are you driving? you will have probelms if it has a catalytic converter fitted as these are not compatible with leade fuel.

Algeria - 89 RON leaded, 96 RON leaded

Morroco - 87 and 95 leaded

Libya - 95 U/L

Mauritania 91 RON U/L, 88 and 92 leaded

Senegal - 87 and 95 leaded

Tunisia - 89 and 96 leaded

Hope that helps



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Just came back from driving to gambia about 4 weeks ago.

Northern Morocco is pretty good for fuel, and you can get "super sans ploms" there which is about 95 octane unleaded, this dwindles out when you get into the western sahara where the last "super sans ploms" station is just on the way out of laayonne. After this point it's 4 star all the way.

I wasn't too keen on filling up in Mauritania, and opted to fill up enough jerry cans in Morrocco to take us through the country, reasoning for this is that in Maurtania the fuel is more expensive, lower octane, dirty, and they fiddle the pumps!

Senegal and gambia weren't too bad for fuel either, but we only filled up the once, and I can't remember the octane levels, but it was all leaded. One note about Senegal is that they're a bit sticky about letting cars over 5 years old into their country, so you may end up paying for an escort. Also cross at Diama, and not Rosso!

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