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Wiring up a 3.9 thermostat to a 90 loom

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Hello there, i have just succesfully wired up a 3.9 auto in my 90. Howver i have run into yet another probnlem.

Basically i have used the lower loom off the efi the particlular green single wire which plugs into the sender of the Wiring thermostat on the old 3.5. Now of course the manifold thermostat has two pins coming out of it. How what can i do to overcome this?i would of tryed to fit the old thermostat to see if this would of worked, however i no longer go it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I assume by thermostat you mean temperature sensor.

So - the one on top of the manifold with a 2-pin connector is the ECU's temperature sensor, this must be left as it is for the ECU to run the engine. The sensor for the gauge (sender) is a single-wire one on the front of the inlet manifold next to the thermostat housing. Chances are your gauge will read wrong with the standard 3.9 sensor.

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