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TD5 Overlanding spares


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Can anyone PM me or post a list of the must have spares for overlanding with a TD5 Discovery with Air suspension.

I would like to know part Nos for all of the parts if possible and any extra parts to carry - eg plugs for air hoses for the suspension

Things like

Turbo Hoses

Cooling hoses .....

Ths vehicle is well maintained but things to fail after the 140 000km mark.

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Do a search on here, this topic comes up weekly and regardless of vehicle the list is pretty mucht eh same.

One thing you will want to consider with air suspension is changing it to coils. I understand its easy to burst air suspension on overland trips due to high vehicle weight and rough roads and spares arent easy to get or any stronger than the bust bit they replace.

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Rather than ask people to type out a list of part numbers for you, it may be better if you just buy a parts book - then you can look things up yourself and also, if you keep it with you, easily articulate what you need to anyone in any language by pointing at a picture & part number in the book. If you get it on CD then it doesn't even weigh anything.

Oh - starter for 10 is you can bodge most hoses up either with repair tape or by buying whatever's available locally and cutting & shutting as required. The things you need to worry about are wear items, and things you can't source/bodge easily and that the truck cannot run without.

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A well maintained vehicle is an essential starting point now start to think and practise preventertive maintainence.

Also go through all your kit and ask yourself what would happen if I lost/destroyed each bit of kit. If travelling in a convoy kit and spares can be shared especially if similar vehicles are travelling.

If travelling as a solo vehicle you need to be totally self sufficient. Then you may well need to double up on certain items of essential kit. For instance lose a wheel brace, get a puncture and in extreme circumstances you could die for lack of a second wheel brace or a 27mm socket



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