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Whats the liklihood i have a wonky body!?

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Evening all. I think i have a wonky body and i need some advice!

I'm changing the rear crossmember and the old one is cut off. I have one without extensions and i'm beginning to regret that to be honest! However, i've nearly got the new one on, but the body sits higher on the passenger side (only abour 3-4mm but i notice it) than the drivers. Bit hard to see, but heres a pic:


Now i'm pretty sure that the crossmember is straight and its the body. The front bumper sits level and so does the crossmember so i think the crossmember is sitting properly and i don;t want to raise it to suit the body. I have trimmed the body, but i have taken slightly more off the side that sits closer to the crossmember (driver) than the side that sits further away (passenger) so don;t want to trim the panel anymore to make the gap even. Are the panels likely to be slightly misaligned and creating this difference in height? SHould i raise the passenger side of the crossmember slightly? Am i expecting riveted panels to be accuratley aligned? Can i raise the drivers side body slightly at the back by putting a spacer under it on the rear body supports (its a 110)?

Hope all that makes sense! Any advice appreciated!

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When I fitted my rear crossmember, I put the chassis on axle stands and made sure it was level. That way i removed any issues created by the tyres, suspension etc.

I wouldn't be surprised if the body has moved since you took the old crossmember off. I would take measurements from known points and see if you're working true to the rest of the chassis, and go from there.

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Only 4mm? thats spot on by LR standards...

Stupidly i didnt take any before pictures, but in my head the whole lot was level to the top of the crossmember. Now i know i've trimmed the ally panels either side of the rear door, ut the bit under the rear door is untouched and not level to the new crossmember, so i'm sure its not sitting quite right. Been raining here all day and had to go to work,so no chance to get it up on axle stands yet and see if that helps.

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