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it didn't half make them jump!!


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Couple of weeks ago whilst turing onto the motorway I drove behind one of these just when it started aquaplaning up a hill. It flipped over, ripped open and 30000 liters of petrol and diesel spilt onto the motorway and partly over my car.

Switched the engine off, called the fire brigade (Based right at the onramp of the motorway) and waited 5 minutes before they laid a carpet of foam on and under the car. Then they opened the hood and sprayed foam there as well. Took me out of the vehicle and brought me to safety...

Fire brigade said I was lucky that the petrol did not reach the exhaust, and that the exhaust was not really hot. (Drove about a minute and stopped before the liquids went over the vehicle) By turning off the engine and stopping the vehicle immediately I saved myself from being burnt alive...

Had to change my underwear when I got home three hours later...

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