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challenge trucks tips and tricks

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i'm starting building my first ever challenge truck and have the basics set out (trayback,3 winches, simex type tyres, lockers etc) what i'm wondering is are there any tips or tricks that the rest of you seasoned campaigners have picked up over the years that might be of use to a newbie. my first event is going to be the three peaks in october (nice easy event :blink: ) so what advice on vehicle prep would you give me? :rolleyes: many thanks!!

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Keep it simple,You will finish truck quicker and then addapt/modify it as you learn or or break things, To many people start with big ideas and then never finish what they started, sounds like you have basics sorted and see how you get on,


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take your time, pay attention to little things such as if your rebuilding an exle etc replace all seal, new bearings... simple things that build reliability.

buy the best kit you can afford, if it a choice of standard or ashcroft for example, take the hit if you can afford it and your less likely to break something.

dont be tempted to follow the herd, build your truck to your spec, if you dont like a certain aspect change it to suit as alot of people like different things for example, i though dislocating suspension with massive articulation was the way to go on my 90, then i saw a guy who had his springs attached to the chassis and the axle which he claimed improved feel through the vehicle and made it more stable so i tried it, liked it and stuck with it.

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