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V8 problem!

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Its a 3.5EFi and starts and runs ok, untill it gets hot (about 40mins later) then it starts to miss fire badly, so much so that I had too stop, it stalled and it would not start.

But I wauted till it cooled and it started again, only too do the same thing again...... :(

If I cant find out why, then a 4 barrel holley will be fitted :):angry:

Thanks all

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Keep it cool all the time, only drive it up and down the river Avon :P

Since it's heat based, as has been noted about the cold start sensor and the ignition coil amp, might be worth checking the ignition coil as well, also I've had spark plugs that break-down when they get upto a certain temperature, might be worth pulling the plugs out the spare engine and bunging them in

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I had exactly the same problem. A bit of research told me the biggest problem with efi's is air leaks. I put jubilee clips on all those rubber pipes, you will notice that some of them will be quite loose when the engine is hot. Anyway, the problem went away.7

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Thats brand spanking new!
...which would make it my number one suspect. Still got the old one to put back on?

I recently had a pattern rotor arm fail within 1000 miles on my RRC, and I wouldn't have thought there's much to go wrong in one of those.

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had the same problem, running fine when cold, misfiring when cold. thoght was ignition related, tried everthing. in the end it was the temp sensro, it was broke. changed it, everything was fine. to check, take a 30 K ohm resisitor, disconect the plug from the coolant temperature sensor and put the resistor between the two connectors. if it the runs well when hot (and badly when cold) then you've found the culprit.



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