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Rear Cranked trailing arms ??

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Hi all

My 90 has been lifted +2 inches and the trailing arm bushes are under a lot of stress.

I am going to get so cranked arms i just wondered what they actually did ??

Is it just to relive pressure on the bushes or do they correct the diff to axle angles etc

Many thanks Chris

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Using standard length and uncranked trailing arms cause the axle to move forward when a lift kit is fitted becasue the axle pivot in an arc when dropped down. this means that with the lift kit the axle is sitting nearer the front of the vehicle putting more strain on the bushes and joints of the prop.

With cranked trailing arms the axle is moved back to its original position and helps to relieve the strain on the bushes and joints as you said. it also helps to improve articulation as there is less strain on the bushes before you start.

Hope this helps


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Here is the correction :P

The front arms are to correct the cater angle, they have no effect on camber. The caster angle is the rotation of the kingpin in relation to the vertical which will in a direct way also put the diff back to a more std angel. Having said that the lower plane of the front axle in relation to the chassis means that correcting the caster may well move the prop flanges out of alignment and can cause vibrations

On the rear ther is no caster angle so it is purely a releiving of tension on the bushes. Thouigh it will again affect prop flange angles aswell


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Properly made cranked rear arms should return the axle to the right position and the diff nose to the right angle.

I would strongly recommend a pair from Jez at HOFS.

Gwyn Lewis' kit is also excellent.

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silly me i meant castor not camber,but i still think on the front end with lifted susp you have a choice dodgy on road stearing or good steering and shorter prop life using castor corrected radius arms. on the rearif the cranked arms are made to incline the nose up towards the trans box all well and good .the bushes def will last longer with corrected arms .

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