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Gearbox, LT77

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1990 LR Defender 110. LT77 Gearbox.

Having trouble changing gear. Started happening from 2nd up to 3rd, seemed a bit tricky to find it. Then after going to long distance run noticed hard to find 5th. i.e. Going from 4th to 5th. Then realised R was not that easy to get!! So it is all the top gears. The normal problem with 1 to 2 or 3 to 2 isnt an issue.

Checked oil level and okay. Could do with oil change but dont think this is the issue. (hope it is and not something like "rebuilt")

Thanks for any help


New Zealand.

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is 3rd to 4th easy to select ?

does the gear lever spring back to 3rd/4th line when pushed to either side & released ?

if the above doesn't work, remove the giater, & gain access to the bias spring on top of the main gear lever turret, could be one of the legs has broken off, easy to replace & set up.


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Started to check out the 3rd/4th alignment and thought was on to something. So took LR out for test run/and another adjustment...then everything went tits up! Limped back home with only 3rd to be found. The rest of the gears gave a no go or a horrible crunching sound (gear on gear). Was already working out how to get hold of new gearbox as hard to find in NZ. Then decided to remove 4 nuts holding the spring housing to have deeper look. Nothing lost as everything gone. Found that a grub screw had come loose off the selector rod (or whatever it is), attached pic. Pushed it all back together tighted the screw, swore at it. All Good!!

Thanks for help western.


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