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Didn't take long to fail again


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Going down the A36 south of Salisbury, did all of 15 miles and the oil cooler hose blew off:

Luckily Ashley Parsons came out and supplied me with a phillips screwdriver and some oil to get me going back home, when all of five miles and it did it again.

Took it into Tesco's with a on-off oil light and threw a litre of oil in and tried to wash it down but it wasn't having any of it.

Got to effing clean it now, and do an oil and filter change (not that there's much left), gonna get it clean and it can sit on the effing drive for the week, gonna get the effing reliable BMW out now <_<




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unfortunately no pressure guage fitted to this engine, but I've already got the guage in ready for the V8, may have to look at getting or making an adapter to get it fitted quick :unsure:

I think it's a bad joint, going to try and get the hose on with two jubilee clips this time and see if that holds it on, when the V8 goes in I'm gonna get proper pipes and fittings made as never really liked making my own with just jubilee clips

Just finished doing the first degreasing session, it's got up in all the weld joints and hidden areas so will leave it to seep out over night and hopefully wash the last of it out tomorrow.

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Got to effing clean it now, and do an oil and filter change (not that there's much left), gonna get it clean and it can sit on the effing drive for the week, gonna get the effing reliable BMW out now <_<

just checked, my ultra reilable BMW doesn't use jubilee clips on oil hoses either :rolleyes:

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I could write a looooong article on this subject, Bottom line is that after checking a host of after market "upgrades", and their modifications, I have gone back to the standard Defender hoses.

Fortunately I have good eyesight and have managed to notice the oil loss before losing the engine/turbo - oil drops on rear window, oli pressure warning light etc. Last misshap was this week when the jubilee cliped oil hose blew clean off - I really gave the garage owner an ear full - there is NO WAY that jubilee clips will hold oil pipes on a smooth male pipe - NO WAY AT ALL !!.

Had I known that the last repair he made was with jubilee clips I would not have bothered collecting the LR at all - he agreed and said that the job was "an emergency repair he planed to change at the next service" - it only lasted 2000 kms.


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managed to degrease most of it yesterday, think it was tetroclean (thought that was a fish tank cleaner??), gonna find the filter strap and change that as I found it and fill it with new oil, then try and flare the fitting a bit as SimonR et cetera have mentioned and take it from there. I'll post up what happens :)

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Tube was too thick a guage to flare so resorted to petrol to lubricate it and shoved it on as far as possible, two jubilee clips fitted and will get pipes made for when the V8 goes in.

Brought to you, in partnership with:


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Well, being a bit subdued on the reliability (4 days repairing, three days driving so far), I decided to go do the next portion of the Old Marlborough Road that goes past Amesbury and up;

Multimap Link

The green lane pretty much starts at Low Flying Corner between Salisbury and Amesbury and goes past Boscombe Down, already done that bit so onto the next bit which leaves the main road at Boscombe Down main gate.

It follows the perimeter fence and comes down to Milton MoD Plod gate, they've installed anti-mud strips on this bit to knock the mud of the MoD Plod Land Rovers when they do the perimeter inspections, but blooming annoying to drive over!.

Over Milton Road and following the perimeter fence you come to the old railway bridge for the Amesbury branch, long gone since the 60's but most of it un-built on


Up and over the bridge and you slowly go down the embankment between hedges


The north area of Amesbury takes in the area of Ratfynn, which has these tumuli associated with them looking towards Beacon Hill


Getting a bit closer to the A303 and the dred of trying to enter a dual carriageway settles in


There she blows


Trying to get out on the A303 here is a right nuisance as the 100 yard marker signs for the next exit down block the view of vehicles coming down the hill. However got out and through Solstice Park back home

Still oil seeping out the joints:



Think the last of the stuff in the engine bay is hang-up in the radiator and slowly getting blown through onto the viscous fan and being thrown around the bay:



Another 5 miles, got to suss what the fuel efficiency is now as it burnt a 1/4 of a tank yesterday just doing 30 miles <_<

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Get some traffic film remover (for jet washers) and put it on neet. It will remove all the oil and its £17 for 5 gallons. Just wear gloves when using it neet as it will take you skin off a bit.


Not heard of that one, will have to track it down :)

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talking of photo's, has Ashley sent through the road-side catastophy photo's yet, the truck definately marked it's teritory on that occasion :)

You coming to Sodbury? I'll set off early so you can meet me in a layby covered in oil :lol:

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I use hydraulic hoses for plumbing oil coolers etc. 3500 psi! You can buy them ready made in a selection of lengths, sixes and fitting from RS for not alot of money.


trying to think what the fittings are, think the cooler is 3/4 BSP, not sure about the engine but would think metric :unsure:

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think we are all going to follow whitevan Tonk up there!

will let you know when i have spoken to him about it.


ah kay, suspect going up with a friend and meeting another at Andover so shall take it as it comes :)

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Try flaring the end of the pipe a little using a screwdriver working it roud in a circle to stretch the metal at the end. It will do wonders!


are the hoses and pipes the right sizes? (you can get them in both metric and imperial; almost the same but not quite).

Also I have found the hoses, even the same size, can be a tighter fit.

And also the hose tails vary, some are tighter others not.

Flaring the ends; the pipes are steel so I think it will not be easy.

You can try soldering a gland on; even make one, say out of copper tube; :rolleyes: - slit the tube, solder it on then solder up the gap; or run some weld or solder to built up the thickness. The jubille clip is fitted past the bulge.

Is the oil pressure sprinig ok; can't tell what engine you have but v8 is 40 psi max; I guess the 2.25 will be around 60.

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