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1994 200Tdi Welding


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Just bought myself my first Disco, but unfortunatly, the rust moths beat me too it and it's in need of a bit of welding.

Lucky enough the boot floor has been done by the one previous owner, so that is one less common area requiring attention.

However, the front inner wings do require some, well a fair bit of, welding.

Is it easier to remove the outer wing compleatly rather than removing all the accessories (Airbox, ABS unit etc) compleatly from the inner wings?

Also, Do I really have 8 seconds to remove the battery cables to avoid SRS warning light problems as I have read on other posts?

As if my free time isn't rushed enough :wacko:

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hi pinn76

my rust disco adventures are listed on this topic http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=46513&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 and it includes a link to the photos i took while doing it. never heard of the 8 second rule before.

Re inner wing a kit of parts can be got from YRM http://www.yrm-metal-solutions.com/page3.htm. see my photos for exasperation :lol: opps inspiration.

if your doing the welding yourself invest in a an auto shield welding mask.

good luck it's agreat feeling when the gumpy mot guy hands over the mot with a muttered not bad well do there mate. :D

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Can I suggest removing the outer wing is a must?

Just done both of mine - in both cases the side of the footwell had a hole in it, which can only be accessed by removing the wing.

I found the links and accompanying pictures referred to above most helpful - and they reassured me the car was not beyond repair!

It's one of those "work slowly and methodically" jobs in the end. I don't think I could have done it properly without taking all the ancillary items in the engine bay out.

Good Luck!! :rolleyes:

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