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Oils for a disco 300


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doing a bit of a topup/replaceing the oil in a discovery 300

shall probably be going to halfords, hopefully with my mates discount card, and was wondering what oils i should put in different places and wether i can mix with whats already in the vehicle

sorry if it is stated elsewhere on the forum but a quick search didnt bring anything up

any help/advice much appreciated


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From new, engine oil should be 5/30, but if you've done a lot of miles, then something a wee bit thicker - up to a max of 15/30. Gearbox is Dextron II or III,( but you can use MTF94 if have the money :) ) transfer box is EP80/90, both axles are EP80/90.

I would put One Shot grease in the swivel housings, but if it's already in there, then there's no replacement interval for it. If your swivel housings are a bit leaky, then top them up only. Power steering is ATF (use the same stuff that you put in the gearbox). Brake fluid is DOT4. Anti-freeze - use what you already have in there to a max of 50% dilution. I just put 2.5 litres in the system and then fill it.


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