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Are Greenway Chaco 750R16 tyres any good in your opinion?

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Hi saw an article in total off road, and the guy said they were the best off road tyre, for the money he had ever had!!! then 3 months later he had on hankook mt and said they didnt dissapoint either, if he lost out marginally on grip to the chacos he gained 2 mpg and a quietre ride with the hankooks , maybe look on their website or i 've still got the write up I think, cheers ,,, stumpy!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Mark,

I think I know who is offering you those (Wayne?). I've been out when they were being used and they did great, certainly miles better than my at's but that's to be expected really. They just seem like a deeper tread MT than regular MT's. If I had the cash I'd snap them up. My only critisim would be that 7.50's are a bit on the skinny side, but that's what I'm running currently and I'm quite happy with them. They just don't look the business as 265/75's or even 235/85's do.


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Thanks for the input guys...

I am currently on Colway MTs but their tread is a bit worn for the muddy stuff tho they are still road legal. Clearly I am not in the market for the more expensive tyres such as BFG etc so it seems that Colway and Greenway are both legtitimate contenders in this end of the market...

M. :)

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