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2003 TD5 disco auto box oil


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you can't :lol::lol:

The only way is to buy some oil, rig up a filler tube (pain in the arse) undo the filler plug in the front of the gearbox sump and fill with the engine running untill oil is dripping out. Full!


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Paul -

From the Ashcroft website...

The later P38"s and the Disco II don"t have dipsticks on the autobox, instead on the front face of the sump they have a filler level plug, The fill proceedure is first to put the transfer case in neutral so theres no load, fill with oil until the oil overflows, autobox in N, start the engine, it will suck all the oil up so you need to pump like crazy to top it back up until it overflows again, put the transfer case in high and move the shifter up and down the gate a few times, a few seconds in each position, check level, the engine revs should now drop when you shift from N to D as it takes up load, plug in, test drive, check level, engine running in N.


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