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on board diagnostics


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Hi all, three amigos been up for a while now, my question is will a normal obd 11 reader be able to read/reset faults as the plug looks the same or do landrover have a different diagnostics programme, thanks.

I doubt that you can access the SLABS ecu with anything other than a dedicated reader.

Have a look at a Nanocom. A 'must'- in my opinion- if you want to maintain a D2 yourself.

Post your location, you may have a Nanocom owner near you.

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I've tried loads of different PC based generic OBD2 readers with several different interfaces and couldn't get any sense from any of them on my td5 Defender.

The protocol used by LR appears to be very specific and only a dedicated solution would work properly, if at all. (Thats why I bought a Nanocom!)

As d1scv says, Nanocom is a good economical solution although limited to td5 vehicles only, but then if you want a reader to work with a wide range of cars (like the AA do for example,) it will cost a fortune.

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