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Should this be connect behind the dash ???

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Hi all

I was fitting a gauge to tonight and when i removed the dash binnicale i noticed something disconnected.

Screwed on to the baukhead behind the clocks is a small box (not a relay) its about 3 inch by 2inch metal and made by lucus there is a small loom about 4 wires with a connector to fit on the this box .

This was disconnected anyone know what this box does or if more importantly should it be connceted !!!! ??

Cheers chris

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it's the dim dip voltage transforner, if you leave it disconnected, the side/headlights will work as normal & the dim dip function is disabled, most likely it's been disconnected because it no longer works, the purpose was to put the headlights on reduced power with sidelights on to make the vehicle more visible in built up areas with street lighting, where it used to be permitted to drive on sidelights only. dim dip is not required any more & is not part of the MOT.

more here

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