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LT77 Clutch Slave Fitment

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I have fitted my new clutch slave as per original placement but what seems wrong is the bleed nipple looks like it its in the wrong place i.e. its in the bottom of the slave rather than the top.

My neighbour pointed this out to me today and mentioned you could always have air trapped in the system wit this arrangement.

Luckily I took plenty of photos during the original strip and its in the exact same position (nipple at the bottom as can be seen from the picture). For good measure I even tried fitting the other way round in case this had been done incorrectly in the past. This doesnt work due to the tension on the flexi hose and the placement of the solid pipe on the slave/flexi union.

In terms of bleeding I had the slave rod fully home and wedged in solid so that the piston is effectively in the bottom of its bore, I have no more air coming out when bleeding and and the pedal feels really solid.

Has anyone else noticed this before?

I can only presume the bleed nipple is in the bottom as it may have been the only way to get to the slave bleed nipple when the engine/exhaust etc are fitted.




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bleed screw needs to be uppermost or it'll be almost impossible to remove any trapped air in the hydraulics. the hose/pipe can be slackened off to allow the cylinder to rotate to let it sit in the right place.

workshop manual diagram shows it as --


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Yer it really needs to be at the top.

I had a hell of a time bleeding the disco clutch, because even with the nipple at the top, the slave cylinder sits slightly nose down, meaning the gearbox end was slightly higher than the nipple when sat on level ground, and i just couldnt get it to bleed. Ended up unbolting it from the box, bleeding it, then reattaching it, and it worked perfectly after that.

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It could be that the pipe and nipple have been swapped over - rather than the slave being fitted upside down. (I'm not sure that they are the same thread though, but I suspect they are). You can bleed enough air out for the clutch to work properly, but you either have to raise the front end a long way, bleed it on the pipe, or bleed it with the slave not bolted to the flywheel housing.


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Thanks Chaps, That certainly confirms the original location was wrong and my mate was right!

Im glad he spotted it, I didnt question it as the pipe work looked pukka and given it was so covered in carp I thought it was the original.

Will get it back to the way it should.

Cheers again guys.


PS Les I noticed you are member 2 of the forum who was first?

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