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Three Wheels On My Wagon!


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Out driving round in my now "clonk free" 90 this morning, turned a corner and found this, PMSL



moral of the story: check your wheel bearings more often than this! wheel brg had siezed and mangled itself into a pulp then the whole lot had mangled its way OVER the lockwashers and nuts (they were still on there) and proceeded in an outward direction, now held on only by the halfshaft just sticking into the end of the axle casing!

Bluddy dangerous if it had happened at speed, but made for a good pic because nothing serious happened :lol:

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Not any more! 4 x genuine bushes sorted the problem. Others were rubbish, I found earlier on that you can tear them with your bare hands, might as well be made of plasticine...

Now all I need to do is get rid of all the transmission backlash and I'll be happy :blink:

O what it would be to be not a fussy barsteward and not have such trivia drive me up the wall :unsure:

Back to the subject of this post, I hate to think what sort of noise those wheel bearings must have been making by the time it had mangled itself up enough to come right out over the retaining nuts! When I first saw it I thought the nuts must have come undone but they were still there - a few £ to put that right I reckon (new stub, w/brg, hub, seals, lock washers....) :lol:

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Exactly what happened to me with my RRC 78. Knew I had a bearing going but couldn't pin it down by feeling the hubs whenever I stopped and didn't have a chance to open all the bearings as I was about to tow a two tonne boat & trailer 100 miles.

Did the tow & put the boat in the loch all on my own, just parking the trailer up when a local passed and commented that my back wheel was a bit loose. I looked in the wing mirror and couldn't see anything. When I got out I realised that the reason I couldn't see anything was the wheel was so far away from the body :o

Sheered the disc off perfectly round the recess. It was a few quids worth of bits to sort that out so I can sympathise, just wish I had had a camera at the time.

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Oddly enough Steven, I have a photo just like that somewhere of SimonR's old 110 on the hard shoulder of the M4 - right opposite the RAC control centre, M5 crossing. There was no noise or any other indication of a problem until Si looked in the mirror and saw the wheel about 12" further to the right than it was meant to be. We almost managed to effect repairs on the side of the motorway but ended up getting a tow to a garage and doing it there. We continued to our destination and enjoyed a good weekend of Welsh lanes. :)

My picture was later published in LRM - without a credit! :(


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Bah - Beat me too it!

I did a bit of a double take - my 110 was even the same colour!


Is it just Yellow Land Rovers that this happens to?

I recall this happening to Gresh from LRO Forum last year.

His truck is a big yellow.

Does it only happen to the nearside rear, or does anyone know of offside occurances?

I have only ever seen pictures of nearside situations.


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