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Ibex F8!


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some info on the new Ibex F8 from David Foers Im really likeing this :ph34r:

The F8 will replace the existing Ibex range and be available in a number of wheelbase and body configurations.

We don't yet have any literature available but please find some details below:

* The chassis is a stiff, high strength and lightweight steel monocoque. Hot dip galvanised to allow zinc to coat the inside and outside of all sections. The underside of the standard chassis rails act as rock sliders. As do the sills which have the option of recovery and jacking points built in. The sides of the rear tub are structural and act as tree sliders. Front and rear recovery points are standard.

* Every chassis has the facility for our unique centre winch system built in as standard.

* Clearance angles are huge, 90 degrees front and rear with high sills and large wheel arches to allow fitment of oversize tyres.

* Soft-top, pick-up, hard-top and fast-back body configurations are quickly and easily interchangeable.

* The roof is easily removed to allow unhindered installation of a competition roll cage around the existing roll over structure.

* Lift-off doors with electric, wind up or sliding windows.

* The bonnet/front clamshell tilts forward and is quick release for unhindered engine bay access. Available in GRP or woven carbon/glass fibre.

* Wheel arch mudguards are quick release and available in the same materials as the bonnet.

* The engine and transmission are even further back in the chassis than current Ibex. Almost all the weight is between the axles providing excellent on and off road handling characteristics.

* All features, brackets and holes are part of the structure to make building from kit straightforward.

* Available in various stages of build, from bare bodyshell to turn-key, road registered vehicles.

* As with the current Ibex we can customise vehicles to meet specific needs.

The Ibex F8 will continue to utilise Land Rover Defender power train with a modular engine mounting system allowing a number of engine and transmission options.

I don't have a full vehicle weight yet but the predicted chassis weight for a 250S (100" wheelbase) is 320kg. This is the full monocoque weight including roll over protection, underside and sill rock sliders, tree sliders and winch housing. This compares with 385kg for a current production, standard Ibex 240 (90" wheelbase without winch tray and protection)

One of the main drivers for the new design is weight reduction, especially where vehicles are modified for competition use. The kerb weight of current production Ibex 240 is around 1700kg which is about the same as a Land Rover Defender. We aim to be significantly lighter with the new F8.

We do not yet have prices but expect the sale price to be no more than current Ibex with kits from around £6,000 and fully built vehicles from around £25,000.

Prototypes are under construction which you are more than welcome to come and view. The first production vehicles are available from November this year. We are currently accepting orders for these vehicles and just require a £500 deposit to secure your place in the order book.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

Best Regards,

David Foers

IBEX Vehicles

Foers Engineering Ltd

T: +44 (0)1434 345468 / 320995

M: +44 (0)7814 932199

F: +44 (0)1434 345468

W: www.ibexvehicles.com www.ibexf8.com






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very nice need the 6 numbers this weekend now

People seem to think they are unobtanium, but the kit sells for 6K. Not pocketmoney for most, but still doable I think. I am not a fan though, but anyway.


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I can see the time coming where I ask myself each morning "Which Ibex shall I take to work today?" laugh.gif

go on dave you know you want another one.....

you were talking about having a LS engined toy

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Beauty is as beauty does I 'spose, I'd not call them beautiful by a long shot but I have always liked their crisp cut, purposeful look, especially when they went to a bit of tumble home on the top half, sort like SII verus S1 in Land Rover speak.


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