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Easy TD5 Injector removal

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The TD5 had been acting up so i decided to replace the injector o-rings and injector stem seals (copper washers). Articles and Rave indcates the requirement of a slide hammer type tool to remove the injectors from their seats. Needless to say the local dealers could not / would not sell me such a tool. They are costly to say the least. After looking around the toolbox I noticed something that I thought could work.

I targeted an old "el cheapo" water pump pliers and seperated the two parts by removing the bolt & nut that kept it together. Ended up with a short "pry bar" that is shaped perfectly to fit into the space and under the injector where it seats. With very little effort and great care not to damage anything I managed to lift all five injectors free of their seats.

Perhaps this could help someone in the future and prevent them from spending good money unnecessarily.



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Okay, so here's the story that goes with the rest ...... embarrasing but what the heck someone may benefit from it at least :blush:

We were on a trip from Cape Town to The Kruger National Park (altogether +- 5000 Km round trip). After approx 1000 kms the TD5's diesel lift pump started squealing like it had a severe case of the swine flu. There was also a noticeable decrease in engine power at low end and again at +- 2500 revs. It was like the engine was hunting for something that was previously there and could no longer be found.

We stopped over at dealer in a larger city (hell, we were desperate not to cut our trip short by too much). Long and short of it we drove away from there (very helpful people) with a new diesel pump installed. Take into consideration exchange rate, import duty, further distribution cost, a night in a hotel that was unplanned etc and we now had a very expensive new diesel pump fitted. The new pump also squealed ....... At this stage I decided to drive through to our destination where I could have a proper look at the problem.

So we have a lovely forum with plenty of wisdom ..... which was studied extensively. There was no oil visible at the ECU red plug end. I bought a new diesel filter on the way with the intention to fit it at our destination (OEM filter on vehicle). The filter on the vehicle was a new one (fitted before we left home) ..... arrived at the destination ..... replacement filter was the incorrect one. I needed a GUD Z108 but in my wisdom bought a GUD Z180.

Another dealer later (this was now on the way home already) and I was told after testbook analysis that 2 of the injectors were faulty. They could not help me due to a backlog in their workshop etc. Apparently the cyclinder head had to be removed to fix the injector problem. News taken with a pinch of salt offcourse, but i did get a printed copy of the testbook results.

So we arrived back home .... truely *&^% off with the defender. Bought a new set of o-rings and injector stem seals which I replaced this weekend. You guessed correctly ...... the pump was still squealing along merrily ... no improvement in driving performance either. In the meantime I bought a new "correct" version of the diesel filter and fitted it.

Problem solved !!!!! no more squealing and no more performance lag .........

The filter had developed an air leak at the seam which was not visible, it did however not leak diesel anywhere. Long and short of it ..... the problem was fixed at an equivalent cost of £650 .... the real culprit cost less than £5.

The OEM filter "faulty one" was well within it's replacement period. It had done slightly more than 1000kms when the problem started. It was also the second consecutive OEM filter on my Defender that had developed an unforseen problem.

The purchase of an expensive slide hammer to remove the injectors was avoided in the process which made me feel slightly better :D ..... and we got to see the BIG 5 real close up.

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West Cape, I tried your idea with the dismantled pliers sorry to have to say could not find where you put either part to obtain access to a good leverage. I eventually abandoned the idea and used a extra long 6mm Allan Key to which worked perfectly, this was another idea posted by some one on one of the sites, however thanks for the tip because they are all good ideas that will work for some one.

this td5 of mine is being a right pain I have replaced the fuel pump fuel pipes fuel filter injector wiring loom clean out the ECU box of oil. the washers and "O" rings is the last job by elimination. anybody know how to clean the injector tips please

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