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Another rear window problem


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I've got a small problem with my 98 Freelander 5 door Diesel. The rear window has stopped coming down the necessary couple of inches when I open the rear door, hence it catches under the plastic strip. I can pull the glass down manually by clicking the door and very quickly pulling down on the glass with the palms of my hands. If I do this, when I close the door, the glass returns upwards normally.

From inside the car, the rear window works perfectly by using the switch so I don't think it can be a stretched cable as it wouldn't work by using this switch either.....I don't think, if you see what I mean......could it be an electronic type fault do you think? There is no Landrover agent anywhere in the province so I'm having to use other dealers and mechanics here.

Any help or clue to the problem would be great, cheers guys


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