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Hi Gelf

I a fine, am enjoying life.

As you can see I put my hand in my pocket for what I thought was a good bit of kit. Service from Si has been brillant.

Sorry but can´t tell you where I am at the moment as that is on a need to know basis only :P

A certain person spent most of last year trying to find out where I am.

Just watch Planet Earth it might give you a few clues!!!

What are you doing these days?



PS Edited to add that I just realised the errrr ópinions of Rookie were on a thread I started to gauge peoples opinions on both the X brake and vented brakes for a 110. I read what I thought was unbiased opinion o the quality of the X brake and put my money where y mouth is, so to speak. Nothing I have read has changed my mind. I will be doing some few thousand miles in it shortly and will report back on my experieces

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When I service the RR next week it will have completed 14k miles with an X brake fitted - more than most I would have thought - with the odd thousand off road. It has had some fairly heavy abuse, including novice off road trainees and off roading with heavy trailers. It has been immersed hundreds of times and dragged through more mud and muck than most weekend off roaders see in a life time. It is just about ready for it's first adjust!

I will still happily (and do often) tell thousands of people via the medium of the written word, that the X brake (or the genuine X brake as I now refer to it) is the best bolt on modification to hit the landrover market since the 1948.

Simon doesn't pay me to say this - however if he did, I would happily except it...

Cheers Dave - cheque in the post :P


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I have a genuine X-Brake fitted to my 90, and i'm very pleased with it. Even though I, note the 'I', managed to break it!

Whilst competing in a punch safari, winching up a steep, tree root covered hill. I managed to snag the disc on one of the roots which had found its way past the chassis and the guard. The winch forces managed to bend the disc by about 5mm, so that with every rotation of the disc the caliper moved back and forth on its mounts by 5mm.

This damage to the disc still didn't prevent the X-Brake from working, or me from completing the safari. The poor caliper must have been flying back and forth underneath the 90 as i tried driving down the road, after the event. Still after all this abuse the caliper has survived without damage, and lives to fight another day.

I contacted Simon and informed him of my acheivment! Even though the disc's failure was completley down to me, he suplied me with a new disc free of charge, now thats customer service :D . Top Bloke!

So the X-Brake has been on the car for 2 months and i've had to work on it once, because I broke it! The old drum handbrake used to break 2 or 3 times a week, all on its own, and i was forever working on it!

I have 2 X-Eng products fitted to my 90, and i would recommend them to anyone. Well engineered products, by an excellent company. Keep up the good work!


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I wonder about a couple of things. Wonder if Si will answer or tell me to............................ :P

Have you turn over on X brakes improved because of SR actions???

Did you chuck in any nice stickers with mine?? Cant check it for myself at the moment :D:P

Personally I think this whole furore has done Si and X-eng reputation a power of good. Cant say the same for SR



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