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The Megasquirt MegaThread MegaIndex

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I've spent far too much time wading through Nige's excellent Megasquirt thread trying to find info that I know is in there somewhere. So here is an index. Actually, I only got to page 16 before getting thoroughly bored, but most of the good stuff is here.

Mods - is there an option to let me edit this and add more at a later date?

Nige's build

What is Megasquirt? Intro and Nige's build

Nige's PWM idle valve

Flapper to MS wiring diagram, AFM replacement, Custom loom manufacture

More devils knitting

RR in tank FP conversion

More loom, finalising bits 'n' bobs

Heater pipes

Finalising the loom

It won't turn off! Diodes and alternator wiring

Loom finalisation

More diodes and alternator wiring. Running stage.

Loom wrapping, tidying etc.

Waterproofing the MS box

Extra fuel filter, engine breather re-routing

Very smart chopped dizzy

LCD Dash

LCD Dash details/info/software etc.

Box for LCD Dash

So it is waterproof then...

Bling bling rockers, and the dangers of Bosch PWM vavles

LCD Dash upgrade to tablet PC

Starting improvements, PWM valve additon.

Other builds

landybehr coil mounts and wiring


Nige's excellent tuning explanation

And BBC's notes on the above.

Narrowband VS Wideband

Timing advance on an RV8

Discussion of a valley in the spark table

Nige's tuning progress

Nige's further tweaks

Nige's explanation of MegaLogViewer and how to use it.

Further info on maximum advance on an RV8

Coping with large files in MLV

Nige's explanation of MLV v2.94 and how to tune: After start enrichment, Warm up Enrichment, PWM valve,

More on Nige with WUE, and Tuner Studio

Getting tuning software running on Win98

Explanations of stuff/Discussions

Megatune, EasyTherm, Megalogviewer and what it all means

Earths back to ECU

MS hardware and software versions, PC software and what they all are

Discussion of noise suppressing capacitors

How to make your own ignition leads/discussion therupon

Electrocution (or lack of) from a VR sensor

PWM Idle valves, setting up from BBC

Further thoughts on the above

Yes, more PWM valve advice from BBC.

USB/Serial adapter discussion, Maplin one OK

Spark/Fuel tables

4.6 Ignition map, TomG

BBC's Ignition map. 3.9? A bit whizzy.

BBC's 3.9 MSQ (Fuel and spark)

Nige's Eales maps, Safe and *ahem*...not so safe.

istruggle2gate11 Fuel and spark maps.

Megajolt spark table, 3.5 on carbs (John White)

Standard dizzy timing

Useful info

EDIS 8 ignition lead order

Alternating vs Simultaneous and AEnrichment

DIY Autotune's free software package

PWM idle valve, suitable donor vehicles/part numbers.

Settings for RR temperature senders, and .ini file

Bosch coolant and air temp sensors, part numbers

MS Pinout

Air temperature sender part number

Shopping list for MS'ing a V8

MS Extra 029v firmware, downloader, asm code and compiler

Voltages and pins on MS ECU/EDIS unit

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:rofl: You defo need to get out more :rofl:

Most excellent :),

As for editing start a new post, PM the linky to me and I'll merage / alter :)

I will when I get a chance pop a note right of the front of the MS A-Z thread so this is "Known"

by all reading that thread early on :)

A Nice effort for all future and existing MSers :)


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Nige, would it be a good idea to have a sub forum in the tools/fab for Megasquirt stuff?

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Brilliant work James, this will be invaluable over the coming weeks for me :)

And a thumbs-up for the separate-forum idea.

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forgot to say what a great idea this index was :P! So much MS info to trawl through, such a great wealth of knowledge... and a right PITA to find the bit you want :P

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Since it was mentioned, I will point out the "official" paths of MegaSquirt info. However, due to the fact that MS is designed for ANY engine in ANY car, the information covers such a broad base & so many weird and wonderful options that I would strongly advise NOT reading it unless you need to, and instead following Nige's thread / searching on here as what works for one car does not necessarily work for a Land Rover. I have had to sort out a lot of problems caused by people doing things the MegaManual says which they didn't realise don't apply to them :rolleyes:

The official MegaSquirt manual - contains circuit schematics, build guide, wiring, sensor & injector info, basic tuning, troubleshooting etc.:


The official MegaSquirt forums:


Contains useful tech on setup, sensors, wiring etc., however most of you, if you've been paying attention, will be wanting the MegaSquirt-Extra forums:


Which are for anything relating to the MegaSquirt'n'Spark-Extra code that most people are running.

One that you should post on, if only for the benefit of others, is the "My MegaSquirt install runs" forum, otherwise known as:


(Incidentally, if you do post there I'd advise mentioning LR4x4 as anyone looking to MS their Landy would do a lot worse than to visit here and read up)

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