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"XD" rear brakes squeeealing

Ben Jordan

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When the brakes in the Wolf are cold or under low pressure it gives out one hell of a squeal. I think it is coming from the rear. Are they the same brake as a standard 110? Are their any standard problems causing this? Im probably going to have them off tonight ready for my Wales trip tomorrow. So any ideas would be help.

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My thoughts were Copper slip or new pads just wondered if there could be any other problems. Well it won't be getting any new pads tonight. I think there is plenty of meat on them. if there is then it's Copper slip time.

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TC may have got it, use decnet branded pads, and the copperslip...

Also while yer in there :

A warped disc (from getting overheated) is one other reason this can occur, ........

.....as can sticking calipers.

Also when you remove the pads check to see the wear, are they both worn about the same ?

....is the inside or outside edges even or one more than the other ?

Keep us advised ?


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