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Note to self,


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cam belt snapped on the truck cab last weekend, sensibly i thought, i walked away and resolved to fix it this weekend.

the only probelm its approx 100m down the bottom end of a sloping field, nose into a wood shed, no problem thinks me :rolleyes: As i managed to get home early today I shot around the edge of the field in the td5 (trac edge shod), at this stage thinking 'its quite wet!' :o

Plan was to tow the truck cab upto the shed at the top to work on it,

Christ have we had alot of rain this week or what!!! :angry::angry:

suprise, suprise it wouldn't grip to tow it out, and then in fact it just wouldn't grip to get the td5 out either! Result two rovers stuck in a field, its raining, its getting dark, and i had already made a hell of a mess and things did not really look they were improving.

so one 20mins job turned into an hour and half and a trashed field.

in the end the td5 (once released from the mud) acted as an anchor and truck cab winched its self out, i was glad i bothered to fit twin batteries! :rolleyes: it took 5 winch rope lengths to get it upto the top but it made it and still enough juice in the battery to move it on the starter and undo the crank nut! :D

Moral of the story if it looks wet and you have 2nd thoughts at the start, then go with the 2nd thoughts, plus wait for it to stop raining!

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you very nearly had a phone call!!

unfortunatley the camera was not close to hand................ it was tucked up nice and warm and dry and happy in the house.


i'll stick it back down there tomorrow and take some if you like.............

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Wood shed my a*se. More like a mini workshop!!!!

Hopefully it goes well James. Will call you on Tues on the way through and drop off those bits

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At least you had a wood shed to work in, I had to lay on my back with the rain dripping in my right ear and soaking through my Y fronts while I put the steering box back on my disco.



I have broken glass /nails and razor blades to lay on in the driving snow just to change the oil :)

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Guest diesel_jim
soaking through my Y fronts while I put the steering box back on my disco.



what a thought!! :ph34r::ph34r:

(and i don't mean the steering box!)

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its definately a wood shed, you have just never seen it! the bit at the top yep thats a wksp/garage.

anyway you should get back to the security of your camp, especially if people are walking off with trailers!!!

hopefully see you Tue.

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Belt changed.

out of interested i dug out the sevice history to see when it was last done.

Job completed by Land Rover dealer in Sep 2003 at 132,000 miles (changed at 120k prior to that)

Current mileage 141,700! So that belt has lasted nearly 10,000miles and 2.5 years.

Granted i have used the vehicle off road, although the inside of the cover was clean and dry (less bits of belt and black dust) so it didnt look like anything had found its way in. tensioner worked but sounded like it had had better days so i changed that as well.

Now just need to do a rear UJ!

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