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Vrn And Where You Can Put Them...


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firstly can stick on number plates be used?

secondly where does the number plate have to go, is it just a case of being fully visible from the front or does it have to be on a leading edge eg bumper, bonnet.

just thought i would try here before nipping down to see the local tester.

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I've got mine mounted to the cage below the windscreen. Seems like a good place to me as it's out of the muck and not vulnerable to off road damage.

The Traffic guys at work are always ribbing me about it, saying it's not legal there and it should be on the front bumper etc.

At the end of the day, even if you DO get stopped for having it in an unusual place, all the Police will do is to give you a form for your MOT station to complete, saying they're happy with the condition of the vehicle etc.

If it gets through an MOT with a stick-on plate or a plate in an odd place, you can't really go wrong.

DISCLAIMER: if you get fined, I'm not taking any blame! All the above is my personal opinion - some traffic guys are a bit more a*al...!

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I know the sticky numberplate is a grey area but I was breaking plates so often I thought it was better to have a front plate (even if slightly dodgy) on the way back from an event than not having one at all :P

I've got mine mounted on the front of the bonnet.

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Mines a sticky on plate on the leading edge of the bonnet and passed the MOT ok :D

not sure if its entirly leagal but never been stopped for it yet and its been there for two years :ph34r:

search the old LRE forums about this, .... oh, just remembered we can't :angry:

from memory, stick on plates are not legal so where they are positioned is irrelevant.

MOT and 'legality' don't necessarily follow hand in hand, a bit like a speedo or Carlos Fandango tyres; not tested by MOT but not legal since violates vehicle construction and usage regulations (or whatever is the correct name).

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