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How not to drive on the beach


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Here is a 110 stuck on the beach. It had been there all night . We turned up the next day to help get it out. The blokes had bveen up all night digging out and keeping the tide away from it. It came out easy the next day, with a bit more digging


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That doesn't look good. How did they 'keep the tide away'?

Don't know but I understand one of them was called Canute or something........

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Surprised they managed to get stuck that badly on what must be fairly wet sand - dry powdery stuff you would expect it. Narrow escape though!!

It was wet and almost sinking sand. Was tough for the 90 to drive across. But the old 3rd low and go did the trick :D

They kept the water away a bit by making a dame out of the sand but it kept getting washed away by the water. The 90 did get a soaking inside during the night. But she still ran ok the next morning. To the amazment of the toyota owners who said, You can't kill these Land Rovers they just go on and on and it will amazue you what i have seen the come out of and work fine.

mmm never thought i hear a toyota driver say that

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Ah I see.... :)

I wonder if they have an "Australian Top Gear" where they stick a Defender on top of a building and blow it up, drown it, set fire to it, and it still won't die :D

3rd low and go ... a fine technique :D works well in my armchair, just gotta be careful you don't lose the TV remote off the side when you drop the clutch :D

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Sometimes you will come across patches of wet sand where you will just sink down down down in minutes. Very dangerous stuff.


Kind of like yellow peat then :)


You need wide tyres, like my armchair has. Then you can go anywhere :)

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