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Doing a clutch on your own.

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I thought that was the clever bit, turn the vehicle on its side to change the clutch :D

In Northern Kenya there is a group of incredible drivers who run Gat (a leaf that is chewed by the locals for it's buzz) from Somalia and Ethiopia to Kenya. The leaves have to be delivered at market within 24 hours of harvest and in order to do so have to cross about 700 kms of dirt tracks. The "runners" use ancient LRs held together with pure inginuity and bush sense and the drivers can do the most incredible repairs in the middle of no where with very few tools - anyway rather than jack up or crawl under it is not uncommon to see the LR being reapired turned over on it's side so enabling quick and easy access. You got to see these guys to believe it.


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Just changed the clutch AGAIN in the 90 the one i put in on thur/fri started slipping!!!! :angry: Anyway just thought i would show you all another use for a roll cage :o:o

When changing the gearbox in the Saluki in the middle of the desert we employed a similar technique with a ratchet strap around the internal cage, although we didn't have a winch to make lifting and lowering easier.

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