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Embarrassing moments.

Les Henson

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Mine could well have been earlier this week.

Not only is it a powder blue Corsa with a 'can' on the exhaust, but -

The embarrassment was unbelieveable. Even the Police stopped and looked as I drove past. For some odd reason - LOADS of people I know were suddenly walking along as I went by in heavy traffic. Worst part is it failed the MOT, so I have to do it all again.

Floor mat says 'think pink'


Rear seat cushions. seat belts have fluffy pink covers on too.


The notice in the rear window says "Princess on board"


I'll probably get moaned at because the teddies have fallen over.


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Pull up to a HEAVILY bogged down J33P, position LR, unravel winch cable, toggle the "Line in" switch and...............

nothing, nada, not even a click :(

After stowing the steel cable on the front fender I pulled him out the old fashioned way which was probably even more humilating for him than getting winched out.

That was when I decided to go MM and Plasma.


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Going to wash a bit of mud off the bottom of Dad's 90 in a river then arriving home on the end of a tow rope and having to explain the tide mark half way up the windows is probably one of mine....

Armchairs get so wet when you go wading in them too :lol:

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Mine must be during the 1998 Manx International Rally.

We were supposed to be heading to Jurby airfield to the end of leg main service where we were going to be doing a box change on Davids car.

As i peddled the chase car (300 Bhp STI Impeza) down the lanes with notes from my No 2 we realised we were headin in TOTALY the wrong direction on the island FFS!!!!!

We got to service with 3 mins to go!!!!

working out the average speed off the coruba trip meter we had AVERAGED 95 mph over a 22 mile back road blast!!!! :blink::blink:

David went on to win GRP N and 3rd overall.


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Cam belt went on 90 and I ended up in the slow lane of a dual carraigeway going uphill with NO drive... I can't see out of my side windows... Looking out theback door at the rear, and out the drivers side window at the traffic in the fast lane thought it would be a good idea (hazards on) to roll back and try and get on to the pavement...


Redbridge Causeway, Southampton.

Did'nt see the sign..... :blink::unsure::o

Then ended up moving the 90 off the sign (starter motor and key) before the coppers turned up!!

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My most embarrasing driving moment was a reversing manouvre in a police station car park.

There were two police driver training cars parked nearby, crammed with instructors and traffic police students so I thought I ought to get out and watch my mate back.

I directed her back ... straight into a sign that I hadn't spotted, taking a flood lamp off the side of the vehicle with a loud crash.

After waiting a few seconds, I looked around to see about a dozen coppers watching me.

I turned towards the sign and saw what it said for the first time ...


I briskly collected the bits of lamp, pushed the sign up straight and we made a sharp exit.



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For a moment there I thought I'd seen this car today on the M4 near Swindon. However, the "Think Pink" car I saw had pink fur and tinsel around the dash as well as steering wheel, seats, windows, etc! I think it's time for an interior makeover on your Landie Les! :blink:;)

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I have more embarassing moments than you shake a stick at.

I have never got entangled with TVs though so am I one up on the hobbit at least.

There was the case of the girl in the thigh high boots and the hotel room key that I kick myself about to this day :(

Meanwhile back at Les making a prat of himself...


Will :)

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