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Tailgate door lock


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Further to my post about the rear window not dropping when I click the door latch....I've suddenly realised that the rear door lock does nothing.......? Literally nothing. I can put the key in and turn it when the car is both locked and unlocked, but nothing happens at all. What should it do, and when? If it's of any help, I have always locked the car via the remote fob, never the key.

Any guesses?

Nige :)

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It is a purely electrical thing - there is nothing mechanical inside the door handle - so I would say whatever sensor is in the handle is buggered (to use the technical term). Be prepared for a shock at the cost of a new handle....

I can't remember offhand but I assume you can unlock the door with the key, you can certainly operate the window, if you hold down the "unlock" button on the key fob it should drop the window and if you then put the key in the rear door lock, turn it and hold it over, it should raise the window back up again.

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